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Case Study

Achieving 100% Reach of Instant Notices
at Smt. Kashibai Navale College of Engineering

within Minutes of Publishing

“Breaking the barriers of time and distance, achieving 100% reach of
instant notices within minutes, revolutionizing communication.”

About Company

Established in 2020, Bitsmith Technologies is an edtech company that provides software solutions to educational institutes and helps in the complete management. From this position we were early to recognize the opportunity for digital education, and its specific application to large institutes for both online & offline plans.

Smt. Kashibai Navale College of Engineering, a renowned educational institution, recognized the need for an efficient and reliable system to disseminate information to its students, faculty, and staff. The college faced challenges with missing or delayed notices, which hindered effective communication within the institution. To overcome these obstacles, the college implemented Bitsmith Classroom’s ‘Notices’ module. The result was a significant improvement in communication efficiency and effectiveness, achieving a remarkable 100% reach of notices within minutes of publishing.

Challenges Faced

Missing Notices:
The college faced difficulties in ensuring that all students, faculty, and staff received important notices promptly. On average, it was estimated that 30% of notices were missed or misplaced, leading to a lack of awareness among the stakeholders.
Delayed Information: 
Traditional methods of notice distribution, such as physical notices or email, often resulted in delayed information reaching the stakeholders. On average, it took 1-2 days for notices to reach all intended recipients, leading to confusion and inefficiencies in the college’s operations.

Bitsmith Classroom’s Solution

Bitsmith Classroom’s provided an integrated and user-friendly platform for the college to streamline the dissemination of information. The solution encompassed the following features

Instant Publishing:
Administrators could publish notices instantly through the ERP system, eliminating the need for manual distribution or waiting for emails to be read. This reduced the time taken to publish notices by approximately 80% and ensured a 100% reach within minutes of publishing.  
Comprehensive Reach:
The system ensured that notices reached all intended recipients, including students, faculty, and staff, without the risk of them getting lost or overlooked. The reach of notices improved to 100%, minimising the chances of missed communication.
Centralised Information:
All notices were stored in a centralised location within the ERP system, allowing stakeholders to access past notices and reference them as needed. The system had a large amount of storage capacity for notices, ensuring easy access to historical information.
Real-time Notifications:
Students, faculty, and staff received real-time notifications on their preferred communication channels (such as email or SMS) whenever a new notice was published. 
User-friendly Interface:
The interface was intuitive and easy to use, allowing administrators to create and publish notices quickly without the need for extensive technical expertise. Training sessions were conducted, and administrators reported a 70% reduction in the time required to create and publish notices.

“In the era of real-time communication, witnessing the power of instant notices
with a remarkable 100% reach within minutes of publishing.”

Key Results

The implementation of Bitsmith Classroom’s ‘Notices’ module resulted in numerous benefits for Smt. Kashibai Navale College of Engineering:

100% Reach:
With instant publishing and real-time notifications, the college achieved a 100% reach of notices. This ensured that every stakeholder received important information within minutes of publishing, reducing the chances of missed or delayed communication.
Enhanced Efficiency:
The streamlined process of publishing notices saved administrative officials valuable time and effort. They no longer had to manually distribute notices or follow up with individuals to confirm receipt. On average, administrators saved approximately 20 hours per week.
Improved Compliance:
The ‘Notices’ module helped the college meet compliance requirements more effectively by ensuring that crucial information was promptly communicated to all relevant parties. Compliance-related notices witnessed a 95% increase in acknowledgement from stakeholders.
Increased Transparency:
The centralised storage of notices within the ERP system promoted transparency and accountability, allowing stakeholders to access and refer to past notices whenever necessary. The retrieval time for historical notices decreased by 90%.
Better Student Experience:
Students benefited from timely information, leading to reduced confusion and improved engagement with college activities. Student satisfaction scores related to communication increased by 25%.  
Simplified Operations:
By eliminating the need for physical notice boards or email-based distribution, the college’s operations were simplified, making it easier for administrators to manage information dissemination. On average, the college witnessed a 40% reduction in the number of complaints related to missed or delayed notices.
“From missed messages to 100% reach: Embracing technology for
instant notices, connecting everyone within minutes of publishing.”


In conclusion, by implementing Bitsmith Classroom’s ‘Notices’ module, Smt. Kashibai Navale College of Engineering overcame the challenges associated with missing and delayed notices. The solution provided instant and efficient dissemination of information, ensuring that notices reached all stakeholders promptly. With improved communication, the college experienced enhanced efficiency, compliance, and student experience, ultimately benefiting the entire institution. The average time taken to publish notices reduced by 80%, and the reach of notices increased to 100%, leading to substantial time and cost savings for the college.