A time-saving and convenient tool to manage Admission procedures.

Eliminate the wastage of time in keeping staff waiting to accept documents and forms from long queues of applicants.

The admission platform lets you save twice your staff’s time so that it can be used in better ways.

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Configurable Admission Process

From Brochure distribution to class allotment and even assigning different admission processes to other staff, everything is at your fingertips.

Centrally Monitored

Principals and Higher Corporates can get an overview of each applicant in the admission process, the number of admissions and number of vacant seats, details about every particular applicant, and what steps the applicant has reached.

Document Upload And Verification

Applicants can upload all the documents required by the institute which could be verified by the staff with respective access.

This will save a huge chunk of both applicants’ and staff’s time.

How Applicants Can Apply For Admission in 3 Easy Steps

1. Fill personal details in form as name, address, degree, etc.

2. Fill additional details such as guardian details, documents, etc.

3. Upload documents and submit , upload documents in required format.

Using the Admission module provided by the Bitsmith Classroom Managing it has made all the processes involved in the admission of new students a walk in the park, staff get to work on their prioritised tasks rather than verifying an applicant’s documents and corporates get to focus on what’s important rather than guiding the staff.

Get on Bitsmith Classroom and join a multitude of other institutions in automating their Admission system.

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