Assign tasks. Provide feedback and marks.

This platform lets staff assign students with any number of tasks or write ups to make them a rational writer and to master the subject.

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Take A New Piece Of Work

Create a new assignment by adding a name to it along with other details i.e. description, due-date, and total marks then upload the document.

Accept Or Reject Submissions

All the submissions by every student are visible to you on the dashboard where you can accept or reject their submission and they’ll get notified with your decision.

Marks And Remarks

Before accepting the assignment you can also add marks obtained and remarks about it if any.

At times, it’s important to review staff profiles and qualifications to assign certain roles, but looking and opening up all the files was an exhausting task. Bitsmith classroom solved this problem with their feature Staff Profiler, using which I could easily look up multiple staff profiles in minutes and save my timeProf.

Dr. Manoj Bangare ( Desg )

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