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“Automated online systems provide reliable time and attendance 

tracking for faculty members minimizing the risk of human error.”

Why choose our online Attendance?


Online attendance is a digital solution that allows organisations to track the attendance of their employees. With an online attendance module, companies can say goodbye to manual attendance tracking methods such as paper time-sheets and sign-in sheets.

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Online attendance is a modern approach to tracking attendance in virtual learning environments. It allows teachers to keep track of their

students’ participation and engagement in real-time. With online attendance, students can easily log in to their virtual classes, making it convenient

and flexible for both teachers and students.

Real-time Monitoring

Track the attendance of employees or students in real-time, meaning the information is updated and displayed as soon as it is recorded.

Time & Date Tracking

Record the exact time and date an employee arrives at and leaves the workplace, providing an accurate record of attendance and working hours.

Automated Attendance Reports

Saving time and reducing the need for manual data entry, and providing a clear picture of attendance patterns, absenteeism, and employee performance.

Track Your Presence, Enhance Your Attendance: The Ultimate Attendance Module


Online attendance system eliminates the need for manual record keeping and provides convenience. It allows employees to mark their attendance from anywhere, at any time, using a computer or mobile device with internet access.