Staff Feedback

Incognito feedback system for students.

By giving a synopsis Bitsmith Feedback module enables a teacher to see how teaching practice can be improved, and which teaching and learning strategies are more likely to be effective.

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Anonymous & Genuine

Students can give honest feedback as their identity remains unknown. Only students from selected classrooms can give responses in the feedback, unlike in other platforms where form links can be shared to anyone to fill in responses.

Generate & Analyze Reports

Feedback Reports are generated in the  format for record-keeping, audits and surveys, so admins can easily keep track of all the data.

Authorized To Higher Admins

HODs can create feedback forms and they as well as the Principal and Class Teachers can examine the list of students who have not provided input.


1. For how long is a feedback form available to be submitted ?

Students have to submit their responses before Due Date and Time set by their HOD.

2. Can you see a list of students who have not responded to feedback ?

Yes, but only Class Teacher, HOD & Principal can see the list.

3. How are you maintaining anonymity?

Student’s name is mentioned nowhere in the feedback report.

4. Are students notified of filling feedback?

The moment HOD creates a feedback, students get notified to fill it.

5. Are staff informed that their feedback is being taken?

No, staff are not informed and neither do they take part in any process of it.

Getting honest feedback from the student was a tough nut to crack. Bitsmith Classroom feedback solved it in no time, bringing transparency with their incognito Feedback module. Getting analysis and custom parameterized feedback is like a cherry on the top.

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