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Case Study

How SKNCOE Book their Attendance Tracking and Report Documentation.

About Company

Established in 2020, Bitsmith Technologies is an edtech company that provides software solutions to educational institutes and helps in the complete management. From this position we were early to recognize the opportunity for digital education, and its specific application to large institutes for both online & offline plans.

Efficient attendance tracking and report documentation are essential for educational institutions to maintain accurate records, ensure student accountability, and facilitate data-driven decision-making. This case study explores the successful implementation of the attendance tracking and report documentation module of Bitsmith Classroom ERP at Smt. Kashibai Navale College of Engineering (SKNCOE), resulting in improved administrative processes, enhanced student engagement, and significant time savings.

Challenges Faced

Prior to implementing Bitsmith Classroom ERP, SKNCOE encountered the following challenges in attendance tracking and report documentation:
Manual Attendance Management:
Traditional pen-and-paper methods for recording attendance were prone to errors and time-consuming, leading to increased administrative burden.
Lack of Real-Time Reporting:
Generating attendance reports involved compiling data from various sources, making it a tedious task. Accessing real-time information and generating timely reports for analysis and decision-making was challenging.
Inefficient Documentation:
Maintaining physical attendance registers and student records proved to be inefficient and limited the accessibility of information.

Implementation of Bitsmith Classroom ERP

To address these challenges, SKNCOE implemented the Attendance Tracking and Report Documentation module of Bitsmith Classroom ERP. The software offered the following features:
Automated Attendance Tracking:
Bitsmith Classroom ERP enabled automated attendance tracking through biometric or RFID card-based systems, reducing errors and ensuring real-time updates.
Comprehensive Reporting:
The ERP provided an intuitive interface for generating a variety of attendance reports, including daily, weekly, monthly, and subject-wise reports. Customised reports could be generated within minutes, enhancing reporting efficiency.
Centralised Data Storage:
Bitsmith Classroom ERP stored attendance data in a centralised and secure database, facilitating easy access to historical data and simplifying report generation and trend analysis.
Mobile Accessibility:
The ERP’s mobile application allowed teachers to mark attendance using smartphones, offering convenience and flexibility.

Benefits and Results

The implementation of the ERP system at SKNCOE brought about significant benefits. Firstly, it resulted in a 70% reduction in manual data entry tasks related to attendance tracking and report generation. This freed up staff members to focus on more valuable tasks, such as student engagement and academic support. The system also enhanced reporting efficiency by decreasing the time required to generate attendance reports by 80%. Faculty members and administrators could now generate customised reports within minutes, enabling timely analysis and decision-making. The ERP system played a crucial role in ensuring compliance and audit readiness, with SKNCOE achieving a 90% compliance rate in attendance documentation. This adherence to regulatory requirements and auditing standards reduced the risk of errors and discrepancies. Additionally, the mobile accessibility of attendance tracking improved student engagement, as students could view their records in real-time, fostering accountability and self-awareness.


The successful implementation of Bitsmith Classroom ERP’s attendance tracking and report documentation module at SKNCOE significantly transformed the college’s administrative processes. By automating attendance tracking, providing real-time data, streamlining report generation, and ensuring compliance, the ERP facilitated efficient operations, enhanced student engagement, and data-driven decision-making. SKNCOE’s experience exemplifies the positive impact of integrating an ERP system tailored to the needs of educational institutions, empowering stakeholders with actionable insights and saving valuable administrative time.