Get details about anyone in College!

Whether it is a student or a staff member, get their details with just one click. Separately customized for both students and staff with a hierarchical order of accessibility. 

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Get To Know All Of Your Staff Better With – Staff Profiler

Information like which department they belong to and which subject they specify in and their qualifications, Everything that they have provided will get displayed to you within seconds.

Don’t Look In Files When You Can Find It With – Student Profiler

Information about any student from any of your institute’s departments or classes can be found here. Get all the necessary information, i.e. attendance, results and the personal particulars that they have submitted to the institute.

Customize Your Search With  Filter tools

If you want the list of students belonging to a particular district in Maharashtra, you’ve got it. Just select your desired parameter and condition, then fill in the value and you’ll have your list.

Add New, Export The List Or Check Their Last Activity

If there has been a new admission or some students have changed their division, just add them to their new classroom easily. Export the list in your device if you’d like to share it separately. Check when your students were last active and get the list of students who are inactive.

At times, it’s important to review staff profiles and qualifications to assign certain roles, but looking and opening up all the files was an exhausting task. Bitsmith classroom solved this problem with their feature Staff Profiler, using which I could easily look up multiple staff profiles in minutes and save my time.

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Get on Bitsmith Classroom and join a multitude of  other institutions in automating their staff-student identification.

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