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Case Study

Sinhgad Institute of Management - Empowering Student Assessment

“Unlocking potential: Sinhgad Institute of Management empowers students

through effective and insightful assessment strategies.”

About Company

Established in 2020, Bitsmith Technologies is an edtech company that provides software solutions to educational institutes and helps in the complete management. From this position we were early to recognize the opportunity for digital education, and its specific application to large institutes for both online & offline plans.

Sinhgad Institute of Management is a prestigious educational institution committed to providing quality education and nurturing future leaders. To enhance the learning experience and improve student performance, the institute implemented Bitsmith Classroom’s ‘Student Assessment’ module. This case study explores how the implementation of this module empowered students through personalised feedback, resulting in a significant 40% improvement in their performances.

Implementation of Bitsmith Classroom's 'Student Assessment' Module

The ‘Student Assessment’ module offered by Bitsmith Classroom provided Sinhgad Institute of Management with an efficient and streamlined system for assessing student performance. The module encompassed various features and tools that enabled instructors to evaluate students comprehensively while also offering personalised feedback and recommendations for improvement.

“Empowering growth through student assessment: Sinhgad Institute of Management

equips students with the tools for success.”

Benefits and Results

The implementation of Bitsmith Classroom’s ‘Student Assessment’ module yielded remarkable results, leading to a significant 40% improvement in students’ performances. The personalised feedback provided by the module played a pivotal role in driving this substantial enhancement in academic outcomes.

Personalised Feedback:
Through the Student Assessment, professors at Sinhgad Institute of Management were able to provide tailored feedback to students. For example, in a case study, let’s consider a sample student, Omkar , who had consistently struggled with time management skills. Using the module, Omkar instructor identified this weakness and provided specific feedback, suggesting strategies to improve his time management. This personalised approach to feedback greatly enhanced John’s learning experience, and he demonstrated noticeable improvements in meeting deadlines and completing assignments.  
Consistent Improvement:
The introduction of personalised feedback through Bitsmith Classroom’s module resulted in a significant 40% improvement in students’ performances. This improvement can be illustrated with an example. Let’s consider a group of 100 students who participated in an assessment before the module’s implementation. Their average score was 60%. After the implementation, a subsequent assessment showed an average score of 84%, representing a remarkable improvement of 40%. These results showcased the effectiveness of the module in driving continuous growth and improvement among the student body.  
Faculty Observation:
 Professors at Sinhgad Institute of Management observed the transformative impact of the personalized feedback provided by the ‘Student Assessment’ module. They noted that students became more engaged, motivated, and committed to their academic growth. Additionally, they witnessed individual success stories, such as Sarah, who struggled with public speaking. With the personalized feedback and guidance received through the module, Sarah gained confidence and improved her public speaking skills, earning accolades in subsequent presentations.  

“A path to excellence: Sinhgad Institute of Management’s student assessment

practices empower learners to thrive in a competitive world.”


Sinhgad Institute of Management’s implementation of Bitsmith Classroom’s ‘Student Assessment’ module revolutionised student assessment and feedback processes. By leveraging this module, the institute successfully empowered students with personalised feedback, resulting in a remarkable 40% improvement in their academic performances. These results are exemplified by John’s improved time management and the overall improvement of the student body, as illustrated by the average scores. The exceptional results achieved through this initiative highlight the efficacy of utilising advanced technologies like Bitsmith Classroom to enhance student learning, motivation, and overall development. Sinhgad Institute of Management continues to prioritise student success and growth by leveraging innovative solutions that foster continuous improvement and excellence in education.