Student Profiler

Bitsmith Classroom / Student Profiler

“Track and Analyze Student Performance with the Comprehensive 

Student Profiler Module.”

Why choose our Student Profiler?


Our profiler provides flexible reporting options, allowing you to create reports tailored to your specific needs. The user-friendly interface of our student profiler makes it easy for teachers and administrators to access and analyse student information.


Key Features of the student profiler

 Our student profiler ensures the secure storage and protection of sensitive student information, with robust security 

measures and strict data privacy policies in place. Our profiler also includes collaborative tools,

allowing teachers, administrators, and parents to work together to support student

success and progress. These tools enhance communication

and help to create a supportive and inclusive learning environment

Performance Analysis

Each student is provided with a personalised dashboard that displays their academic progress, grades, and other relevant information in real-time.

Student Portfolio

Store and manage student information, including grades, attendance, disciplinary records, and other important data in a centralised and easily accessible location

Behavioural Management

Generate custom reports to track student progress and identify areas for improvement, as well as support student evaluations and teacher performance evaluations

Empower Your Students’ Success with the Ultimate Student Profiler!

The student profiler is a powerful tool that provides teachers, administrators, and parents with the information they need to support student success.

With real-time data tracking, customizable reporting options, our profiler offers a comprehensive view of student performance and progress. Whether you’re looking to improve student engagement, streamline administrative tasks, or enhance communication.