This article is for students to explain how Bitsmith Classroom is useful for them. In this guide, we will learn all advantages of Bitsmith Classroom for students.


Kindly have Bitsmith Classroom app or your institute’s classroom app installed on your device. Make sure that you have student access. If you cannot see your student access contact your class teacher.

1. Check Attendance Seamlessly

  • Check regular/weekly/monthly attendance of each subject by clicking on Attendances.
  • Get notified after each attendance is done by your staff.
  • Know your overall attendance in percentage of every subject.

2. Quick Up Your Assignment Submissions

  • Easiest way to submit your submissions!
  • Upload subject-wise submissions without any difficulty.
  • Get notified when your submission is approved or rejected.

3. Individual Result Declaration

  • Check your results privately, anytime, anywhere by clicking on Results !
  • No on else can view your result other than you and your staff! As we believe in caring and not sharing 🙂
  • Get notified whenever the result is uploaded.

4. Apply For Leaves Stress-Free

  • Drop up your leave application on Leaves section.
  • Get notified when your leave application is approved or rejected.

5. Subject-Wise Study Material

  • Get study materials for each subject.
  • Find your study material in Materials section anytime, from anywhere!

6. Stay Updated with Notices

  • Get every ongoing activity in your institute in Notices section!
  • Notice related with holidays, scholarship, urgent updates, government circulars and what not!
  • Receive instant notifications and emails of every notice.
  • Never miss out of any important update!

7. Your Feedbacks Matter

  • You will be notified whenever your HOD asks for a staff’s feedback!
  • Give your feedbacks on Feedbacks section.
  • We keep it anonymous 🙂 so honest responses are a must!


In this guide, we learned how Bitsmith Classroom is useful for Students! Stay connected with us for more information!