How does A Class Teacher Can Create Students Using Bitsmith Classroom App?

This article will show how a Class Teacher can create new Student’s account.


Kindly, install Bitsmith Classroom app or your institute’s classroom app on your device. Make sure that you have your respective credentials to use Class Teacher Access.

Step 1 — Login using Class Teacher Access

Here, you can see the home page of Class Teacher Access.

Class Teacher Access

Step 2 – Tap On Students & Tap Create

Tap on Students then tap on create button at the bottom.

Reset Password Page

Step 3 — Fill the information

Fill the information in the form. Roll number, First name, Gender, Mobile are required fields. Tap on Done. The new student will be created.

Step 4 — Share the credentials

Share the credentials with the students.


In this guide, we learnt how to create account for a new student using Class Teacher Access using the Classroom App.