How To Add Enquiry In Bitsmith Classroom App in Web Portal?

This article is based on how a Principal how adds an Enquiry about any department using the web portal.

In this guide, we will learn how to add an enquiry about any department on Bitsmith Classroom as a Principal.


Make sure you are logged in to your college’s web portal. Click here for a list of college web portal links. Kindly check if you have Principal access.

Step 1 — Login Using Principal Access

After logging in, click on the More option.

Step 2 — Choose Enquiries

After opening Enquiries, you will be able to the number of queries in total, resolved and unresolved and general information like name, email address, contact no. etc.

Step 3 — Tap on Create Enquiry

This is the final step for creating or adding an enquiry. Fill in necessary information of Name, Mobile No. , Email, etc. After you’re done, click on create.


In this guide, we learnt how a Principal can create or add an enquiry using Web Portal.