We wanted to let you know about a really exciting change that we’ve been working on. We’re changing our name to Bitsmith Classroom. We’ve always believed that information is power, and transparency is always the way to go in life.

We are happy to announce the change of our product name to “Bitsmith Classroom” from “Some1 – Connect With College & Campus”.

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This surely will help us in evolving our future plans for the product and benefit you in the long run. The product’s name will be changed as of July 7, 2021, to “Bitsmith Classroom”. This change will allow us to present ourselves more efficiently and clearly. Our commitment to our customers and prospects remains our highest priority. By rebranding ourselves, we plan on becoming the complete college management software to provide customised online institute management services. 

Our Goals & Ambitions….

We’re really excited about the future – and you should be too…

Right now, we’re only changing our name, but we have so many great, up and coming plans for the future. We have some exciting plans to leverage more great tech into our platform.

We have so many great ideas and we’re thrilled to continue to share all of our ongoing plans with you. This platform has been developed as per the staff’s requirements that we received from schools & colleges. This eliminates the needs of other softwares, and keeps teaching & administration on a single platform.

Therefore, we humbly request you to take note of the same and refer to all the further communications by the above mentioned name. 

We look forward to your continuous support and cooperation!