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Optimizing Materials Management: Achieving an 80% Reduction in Paper Consumption

“Driving sustainability: Achieve an 80% reduction in paper consumption with

optimised materials management, paving the way for a greener future.”

About Bitsmith

Established in 2020, Bitsmith Technologies is an edtech company that provides software solutions to educational institutes and helps in the complete management. From this position we were early to recognize the opportunity for digital education, and its specific application to large institutes for both online & offline plans.

Sinhgad Institute of Management, renowned for its commitment to quality education, aimed to enhance its study material distribution process. Traditionally, the institute relied heavily on printed materials, consuming approximately 10,000 sheets of paper per semester. This approach resulted in challenges such as printing costs, paper wastage, and the inconvenience of managing physical copies. To overcome these obstacles and improve efficiency, the institute decided to implement Bitsmith Classroom’s ‘Materials’ module.

Implementation Process

The implementation of the Materials module involved the following steps:

Needs Assessment:

The institute conducted a thorough analysis of its study material distribution system to identify pain points and areas that needed improvement. This assessment helped them understand the specific requirements and expectations for implementing the Bitsmith Classroom solution.

Customization and Configuration:

Working closely with the Bitsmith Classroom team, the institute customized the Materials module to align with its unique requirements. The module was configured to facilitate seamless uploading, organization, and distribution of study materials in a user-friendly manner.

Training and User Adoption:

To ensure a smooth transition, the institute provided comprehensive training sessions to faculty members and staff on how to effectively utilize the Materials module. The training aimed to familiarize users with the platform’s features, including uploading documents, managing folders, and accessing materials.

“Sustainable transformations: Optimize materials management and witness a substantial

80% reduction in paper consumption, aligning with eco-friendly practices.”

Benefits and Outcomes

Following the successful implementation of the Bitsmith Classroom Materials module, the Sinhgad Institute of Management experienced several significant benefits and outcomes:

Reduced Paper Usage:

With the transition to digital study material distribution, the institute achieved a remarkable 80% decrease in paper usage. Previously, the institute consumed approximately 10,000 sheets of paper per semester for study materials. However, after implementing the Materials module, paper consumption decreased to a mere 2,000 sheets per semester. This reduction not only led to substantial cost savings but also had a positive impact on the environment.

Enhanced Efficiency:

The digital distribution system streamlined the process of disseminating study materials. Faculty members could now upload documents directly onto the platform, ensuring quick and easy access for students. The centralised and organised approach eliminated the time-consuming task of distributing physical copies, resulting in improved efficiency across the institute. Additionally, the system allowed for instant notifications when new study materials were uploaded, ensuring students had timely access to the latest resources.

Improved Accessibility:

With the Materials module, students gained instant access to study materials from anywhere and at any time. They no longer had to rely solely on classroom handouts or physical libraries. This enhanced accessibility empowered students to study at their own pace and reinforced a self-directed learning approach. Furthermore, the platform’s search functionality enabled students to quickly locate specific materials, saving them valuable time and effort.

“Less paper, more impact: Witness the power of optimized materials management

as it drives an outstanding 80% decrease in paper consumption.”


The implementation of Bitsmith Classroom’s Materials module at Sinhgad Institute of Management revolutionized the study material distribution process. By digitizing materials and eliminating the need for physical copies, the institute experienced a remarkable 80% reduction in paper usage, saving approximately 8 trees per semester. The efficiency gains, improved accessibility, and positive environmental impact made the Materials module an invaluable tool for the institute’s day-to-day operations. Sinhgad Institute of Management successfully embraced technology to enhance its materials management processes, setting an example for other educational institutions striving for efficient and sustainable practices.