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How Sinhgad College of Engineering make transparent Result Declaration

“Empowering students through transparency: Sinhgad College of Engineering’s

result declaration sets a shining example of honesty and fairness.”

About Bitsmith

Established in 2020, Bitsmith Technologies is an edtech company that provides software solutions to educational institutes and helps in the complete management. From this position we were early to recognize the opportunity for digital education, and its specific application to large institutes for both online & offline plans.

Sinhgad College of Engineering (SCOE) is a renowned institution dedicated to providing quality education and fostering academic excellence. In response to challenges faced in the result declaration process, SCE implemented Bitsmith Classroom’s ‘Results’ module, transforming the way results were published. This case study explores how the integration of Bitsmith Classroom led to transparent result declaration and a significant reduction in student queries.

Challenges Faced by Sinhgad College of Engineering

Prior to adopting Bitsmith Classroom, SCE encountered the following challenges in result declaration:

Lack of Transparency:

The traditional result declaration method lacked transparency, leading to confusion and frustration among students. Students had limited visibility into the evaluation process, making it difficult for them to understand their results.

High Volume of Student Queries:

The absence of a streamlined result declaration system resulted in a significant number of student queries. Students frequently sought clarifications regarding their grades, marks, and overall performance, placing a strain on the examination department’s resources.

Inefficient Communication:

The existing communication channels were inadequate for promptly disseminating result-related information. Important announcements and updates often reached students late or were overlooked, exacerbating confusion.

Implementation of Bitsmith Classroom’s ‘Results’ Module

To address the challenges faced in result declaration, SCE decided to implement Bitsmith Classroom’s ‘Results’ module. This module provided a comprehensive solution for publishing results with transparency, efficiency, and improved communication. With the ‘Results’ module, SCE was able to showcase a transparent evaluation process, allowing students to understand the grading criteria, evaluation methodology, and the weightage assigned to various components. The user-friendly interface of the module made it easier for students to access and interpret their results, providing clear and detailed breakdowns of marks, grades, and overall performance. This empowered students to track their academic progress effectively. Moreover, the implementation of Bitsmith Classroom significantly improved the speed and accuracy of result publication, reducing errors and ensuring a faster turnaround for students. The platform’s integrated communication features facilitated seamless and efficient communication between the examination department and students, delivering important result-related announcements, notifications, and updates promptly. This streamlined communication minimised confusion and delays, enhancing the overall result declaration process.


“Transparency breeds trust: Sinhgad College of Engineering sets

a benchmark with transparent result declaration, fostering credibility and integrity.”

Results and Benefits

The implementation of Bitsmith Classroom’s ‘Results’ module yielded the following results and benefits:

Enhanced Transparency:

The transparent result declaration process eliminated ambiguity, fostering trust in the evaluation system. Students could easily comprehend their performance and understand the factors contributing to their grades.

Significant Reduction in Student Queries:

Post-implementation, SCE experienced a remarkable 90% reduction in student queries related to results. The clarity and accessibility of results through Bitsmith Classroom minimised the need for individual clarifications, allowing the examination department to focus on essential tasks.

Smoother Result Declaration Process:

Bitsmith Classroom streamlined the entire result declaration process, reducing administrative burdens and improving overall productivity. The automation and efficiency of the ‘Results’ module improved operations within the institution.

Improved Student Experience:

Bitsmith Classroom’s user-friendly interface and timely result updates enhanced the overall student experience at SCE. Students felt more informed, empowered, and satisfied with the result declaration process, creating a positive academic environment.

“Unveiling achievements with integrity: Sinhgad College of Engineering’s

transparent result declaration instills confidence in the academic journey.”


Sinhgad College of Engineering successfully addressed result declaration challenges by implementing Bitsmith Classroom’s ‘Results’ module. The transparent result publication process, combined with efficient communication channels, led to a 90% reduction in student queries, improving efficiency and satisfaction within the institution. This collaboration exemplifies the transformative impact of integrating modern technology solutions into educational institutions, fostering transparent and efficient academic processes.