How to Improve Faculty Productivity with Classroom Management Software

Bitsmith Classroom, an edtech software company, is transforming classroom management with its powerful software. By offering streamlined tools and features, Bitsmith Classroom empowers faculty members to boost productivity and create an optimal learning environment. Let’s explore how Bitsmith Classroom’s software improves faculty productivity.

Simplified Lesson Planning

Bitsmith Classroom’s software enables easy creation, organization, and sharing of lesson plans, saving time and enhancing communication with students.

Centralized Resource Management

Faculty members can manage all teaching resources in one place, including presentations, documents, and multimedia, ensuring easy access and efficient sharing.

Streamlined Assignments and Grading

Bitsmith Classroom simplifies assignment distribution, submission collection, and grading, reducing administrative tasks and facilitating timely feedback.

Real-Time Attendance Tracking

Faculty can track attendance in real-time, record absences, and generate reports, allowing them to address attendance-related issues promptly.

Seamless Communication and Collaboration

Bitsmith Classroom fosters efficient communication and collaboration through messaging tools, discussion forums, and announcement features.

Interactive Classroom Engagement

The software offers interactive features like live polling, quizzes, and interactive whiteboards, promoting active participation and immediate feedback.

Progress Tracking and Analytics

Faculty members can monitor student performance, track progress, and leverage analytics for data-driven decision-making to enhance teaching strategies.

Integration with Learning Management Systems

Bitsmith Classroom’s software integrates smoothly with popular learning management systems, simplifying the teaching and learning experience.


Bitsmith Classroom’s classroom management software empowers faculty members to optimize their productivity and create an ideal learning environment. With simplified lesson planning, centralized resource management, streamlined assignments and grading, real-time attendance tracking, efficient communication, interactive engagement tools, progress tracking, and LMS integration, Bitsmith Classroom enables educators to excel in their teaching journey.