How Can A Student Apply For Leave Using The Bitsmith Classroom Web Portal?

This article is a guide on how to apply for leave using Classroom Web Portal. In this guide, we will learn to apply for leave using Bitsmith Classroom web portal.

Note: This feature will only be accessed by a Student with Student Access.



Make sure you are logged in to your college’s web portal. Click here for a list of college web portal links. Kindly check if you have Student access.

Step 1 — Login in your Student Access


Login using your respective student access credentials.

Step 2 — Click On Leaves


After clicking on Leaves, you”ll be directed to the Leaves section. There you will see a Apply for leave button. Click on Apply for leave to create your leave application.

Step 3 – Fill Information


Fill the reason and message. Select From date and To date. Upload a supporting file if required. Click Request Leave button when you are done filling the information. Click on OK.


In this guide, we learnt how to apply for leaves using Classroom Web Portal.