How Can A Student Give Feedback Using Bitsmith Classroom App?

This article is based on, how a student can fill up their Feedbacks in Classroom App.



Kindly have Bitsmith Classroom app or your institute’s classroom app installed on your device. Make sure that you are having a Student access or it’s credentials.

Step 1 – Enter Student Access

After logging in using your respective credentials. Click on your class/division. You’ll be able to view the home page of Student access.

Student access Home Page

Step 2: Click on Feedbacks


Share your feedback about your teachers using the Feedbacks option. Just click on the Feedbacks option. Pick the required feedback. Choose the subject and then you’ll get a feedback form. Fill it and click on submit when done.

Feedback filling form


In this guide, we learnt how a Student can fill up a Feedback using the Classroom App.