How to create an assignment in the Bitsmith Classroom?


Login to the Bitsmith classroom portal on your device browser. Make sure that you have Staff access.

Step 1: Log in using "Staff Access"

You can see staff access for your classroom. You will see different options including Attendances, Assignment, Result, Material, Notice, etc.

Step 2: Click the "Assignment" tab

Click on assignment tab.

Step3: Click on "New" button

Select the new option present on the assignment tab , then fill in the details and upload the file . 

Step4: Click on "Create Assignment"

Click the option “Create Assignment” at the end .

Step 5: Click on "Export" option

Fill in the details and click “search assignment” and then we can also download the file offline.


Thus we learned how to create an Assignment list in the classroom on Bitsmith Classroom Portal.